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Bali - 2013

Bali Journal:   June 30, 2013

I am leaving soon for Bali for my usual yearly design trip. I missed my regular trip for three years in a row and now I am homesick for Bali - my second home - and need to return..! It was the first time in 25 years that this happened - usually I am in Bali at least a month every year, often longer. I even lived in Bali full time for three years in 1990-93!

I am looking forward to the gentleness and friendly smiles of the Balinese. And the beauty everywhere.

Lately I have been dreaming about the upcountry Bali market in Ubud, my village.  I have missed the fun of shopping at this large and noisy open market very early every morning, looking for provisions for the day's meals, chatting with vendors and friends. 

My village lifestyle while in Bali is not that of a tourist - generally I buy fruits and vegetables and cook simple meals in the old-fashioned but adequate kitchen at the small native bungalow where I live in the middle of the village. That life is easy and simple. Sometimes I don't cook at all...but one never goes hungry. Hot snacks are available every hour or two from push cart vendors circling the village with the cakes, puddings, brochettes and soups just freshly prepared.


The village market is wonderful! Almost all the market vendors and customers are women ....everyone busy, bargaining about prices, laughing, gossiping. The chatter is generally woman-small-talk: about the weather, children, local gossip: "Will you go to the ritual dance at the temple tonight?"; "The price of fish is high because the sea is wild these days"; "Dari mana?" ("Where do you come from?") etc., etc.

By 7 or 8AM  I have loaded my basket with all I need and I’m hungry. So I go to find some food to eat NOW – a big rice and spicy vegetable breakfast at the Ubud market's makan (eating) section, a crowded and messy corner where one waits patiently in a long line to be served. From 5 AM on, dozens of vendors, market workers and shoppers  have been crowding around to buy this spicy and filling rice + the trimmings meal. It is served in a banana leaf, costs less than a dollar, and satisfies everybody’s hunger.

upThere are usually half dozen "Breakfast Crones" offering the food: these old women cook the rice and its spicy accompaniments at home at 3AM, and then balance the big cooking pots on a board on their heads for the long walk down from their farms to arrive at the market at daybreak.


More next time!

Aloha, Esta
Feedora Batiks


Here's a photo of the workshop where I’ll soon be working/designing.


Also a photo of the straw ceremonial magic doll I am
leaving to watch the farm in my absence




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